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October PD- Sometimes the librarians (and the AdA Coordinator) get to play too!

October PD

At SHES, librarians and the AdA department got involved with Instant Challenges. We practiced task-based and performance-based challenges. It is a great way to incorporate Destination Imagination into the classroom!photo 4.JPG

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Balances Unit Submissions

From WLES-Mrs. Runyen: PFLEX students are using

paper clips to represent the people of the global village

since there are 100 paper clips in a box. They are attaching

the paper clips to a paper plate decorated to resemble one of

the sections of David Smith’s book. They had an in-depth

discussion about how they could make things more equal among

all who are members of the global village.

From NES-Ms. Wilkinson: PFLEX students are using

poems to create artistic representations of the visual images that were created as they read.nes1.JPGnes2.JPG

From PLES-Ms. Slowik: PFLEX students are using iPads to create stop-motion animation videos.