From our GT Services Team to Yours:

Professional Resource Books New to your Campus Library 2011-12

Differentiation: Simplified, Realistic, and Effective
by Bertie Kingore, Ph.D. (ES & MS Libraries)

Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom
by Sylvia Rimm, Ph.D. (ES Libraries)

The Cluster Grouping Handbook: How to Challenge Gifted Students

and Improve Achievement for All
by Sylvia Rimm Winebrenner, Dina Brulles & Bertie Kingore(ES Libraries)

Project Based Learning Handbook for Middle & High School Teachers
by Markum, Larmer, & Ravitz (MS & HS Libraries)

How to Plan Rigorous Instruction: Mastering the Principles of Great
Teaching by Robyn R. Jackson (Pre-AP/GT Resource-MS Libraries)

730 Daily Math Warm-Ups by Hope Martin (MS Libraries)

Online Resources

Byrdseed for Educators

Some Popular Articles

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  4. Differentiating Math Lessons For Gifted Students

  5. Character Analysis With Depth & Complexity

  6. Vocabulary Skills For Gifted Students